Local guest reception - Chowpatty

Significant Aspects:

Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir Guest Reception team focuses on these three aspects for developing systems for taking care of visiting guests.

  1. Database management
  2. Website for the new guests
  3. Basic online lessons for the new guests.

1. Database management

We maintain the database of the new comers which involves data entry, data updation, etc. Through this system we are able to send bulk emails and sms, which is usually not possible with any email or sms services. We have tied up with paid sms gateway to ensure the security of the data.  System is online, so it becomes easy to outsource the service to the congregation devotees who get sufficient service  engagement.

2. Website for the new guests

Following link gives the necessary contents to solve the newcomer’s queries. https://sites.google.com/site/iskconguests/

The purpose of the site is also to give guidelines to devotees working under this department and in other ISKCON temples who are working for this service so that they do not waste time 'reinventing the new wheel'. In this way when networking increases, then it becomes easy to set up a department very fast and training becomes easy.

3. Basic online lessons for the new guests

This third phase is under development. This shall help to clear basic concepts of Krishna consciousness of the new guests and they can be encouraged to join higher courses on Bhagavad Gita, etc.

Temple Intra communication

This is a very strong web based application for intra communication and it could be further expanded to large growing communities.

  1. It is easy to keep the visions and policies of the departments always readily available in the forums.
  2. Creating the awareness of the departments, their needs, interests and concerns.
  3. Removing the misunderstanding amongst different departments and devotees.
  4. In the long run it is very useful to train other devotees in the department.
  5. Everything remains private since without User Name and Pass Word, no one can enter.


For more information please dowload following files
Forum presentation.ppsx 
Guest Reception Manual.docx

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Sankirtan Dasa
Email-Id: sankirtan.rns@gmail.com
Mobile  :+91 9819293925