Mayapur Academy, Deity worship academy


  • All students must attend the full temple program, mangala arati, tulasi, japa, darsana and bhagavatam class mon-sat.
  • The course is english medium only. No assignments, homework, etc. will be accepted in any other language.
  • Practicum is assessed as one of the core units and students must participate fully in order to receive a diploma

Diploma of Arcana

  • The Mayapur Academy offers an outstanding range of innovative courses for devotees interested in developing their skills and ability as pujaris and brahmanas. 
  • The 'Diploma in Arcana' presents a relevant and challenging response to current demands of deity worship and brahminical services in ISKCON. Course instructors are some of the finest and most qualified devotees in their fields, who have been chosen for their ability to impart brahminical knowledge, values and attitudes. Underpinning the academic structure is a developing base of support from staff members, senior devotees, well-wishers and patrons. 

Certificate Courses

  • Eligible devotees having a special interest in a particular course unit may enrol in individual units, and upon successful completion, will receive a MA unit certificate. Students who later enrol in the Diploma of Arcana will be awarded credit for units previously studied as certificate units.

List of Units

  • Temple Worship - (Core Unit)
  • Brahminical Culture and Ethics 1 - (Core Unit)
  • Samskaras
  • Festivals
  • Tulasi
  • Cooking for the deities - (Core Unit)
  • Deity Dressing - (Core Unit)
  • Dress-making
  • Practicum - (Core Unit)
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Flower Arranging


  • Applicant must be an initiated devotee. Preference will be given to brahmana initiated devotees.
  • Applicant must commit to attend all classes.


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