ISKCON Chowpatty Annual Dham Yatra

Registration Procedure

The devotees willing to participate in the Yatra needs to be duly recommended by their counselors and later on approved by the Yatra committee. For details about the registration procedure please refer to the Yatra booklet attached.

Travel arrangements (Internal)

For travelling from their respective places devotees make their own arrangements as per their convinience. During the Yatra the travel arrangements to various places is made by Yatra committee. The devotees are alloted different groups and the buses are alloted as per the respective groups and the buses are allocated as per the respective groups.To avoid traffic problems  all the groups visit different places each day.


Devotees have to give their preferences to the Yatra committee who then allocates the accommodation as per their options mentioned. Varistha Vaishnavas (above 50 yrs) are given preference in terms of comforts and proximity to Katha Pandal. This is followed by Matajis with small children, Matajis and finally Prabhus.

Yatra advance party visits these places and books all the accommodations required well in advance.


Prasad is served to all the devotees attending the Yatra. Three meals are served every day, with a very elaborate lunch menu. The striking feature of the Yatra is that the entire Prasad is cooked by the devotees beginning from purchase, cooking and serving.


Sample Yatra Information Booklets

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Contact Details

For details about Annual Yatra Registration please contact:
Damodar Caitanya Das:
MobileNo: +91 9619480642

For details about Cooking Arrangements please contact:
Tulsi Priya Dasa
Email-Id :
MobileNo : +91 9585445685