Bhaktivedanta College


Bhaktivedanta College is in partnership with the University of Chester, an acknowledged centre for Religious Studies in the U.K.


The programme will provide students with:

  • The education to become independently thoughtful and competent representatives of their tradition.
  • A broad understanding of the Vaishnava theology, philosophy, and culture, through the study of:
  1. Vaishnava Canonical Texts
  2. Sanskrit Language 
  3. Indian and Western Philosophy
  4. World Religions
  5. Sociology
  6. The knowledge and skills to evaluate the Vaishnava tradition from the perspectives of the practitioners and the academe, and to compare the similarities and differences of these standpoints.
  7. Understanding of the historical development of ISKCON, its internal social dynamics and its place in the society.
  8. Knowledge of, and appreciation for, the beliefs and practices of other religious traditions.