Dioramas-ISKCON Chowpatty


  1. As an effective preaching tool for the new audience
  2. Can be utilized for specialized decorations during the festivals

What to present?

  • Various analogies given in sastra and Srila Prabhupada’s books can be very effectively presented using dioramas.
  • Visualization helps people remember and understand things easily.

Two broad categories are: -

  1. Philosophy 
  2. Pastimes

What materials?

  • They are casted with fibre glass and painted with normal oil paints.


  1. First step is conceptualization of what we want to present. This could be done either using existing images, pencil sketches etc.
  2. Then a grass model is made over which ‘sculptor’ clay is applied.
  3. A POP mould is made using the above structure. Sometimes moulds for various parts are sevparately made then a mixture of fibre glass, catalyst, mesh, resin is poured inside the mould and allowed to dry
  4. After that different parts are joined together using a mixture of catalyst, cobalt and mesh.
  5. This form is then given a finishing touch using a zero number sand paper.
  6. After the finishing the form is painted as per requirement.
  7. For enhanced look you can give pearl finish. It’s a chemical (PU – polyurethane pearl finish) sprayed over the diorama.
  8. The final step is to dress the diorama just like a deity.


  • Maintenance includes dusting the dioramas regularly and changing their dresses. Frequency depends upon the surroundings.


  1. Since it is made of fibre glass, it is breakable and should be handled with care.
  2. It is resistant to water and moisture.
  3. In case of damage, it can be repaired and repainted.

Contact details

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