Krishna Culture festival, Alachua-FL

What is Krishna Culture Festival?

The Krishna Culture Festival Tour aims to engage and inspire all people in Bhakti-yoga, Krishna consciousness, offering relief from stress and the miseries of material existence through yoga, meditation, and cultural presentations of sacred music, theater, dance, food and philosophy.

How is life on the tour?

  • Life on the festival tour is filled with spiritual activity to make us happy by engaging our body, mind and senses in the loving devotional service of Lord Krishna and His devotees.
  • We rise early, shower, and practice Bhakti-yoga by having a spiritual morning program, including mantra meditation (japa), singing devotional songs (kirtana), reading from and discussing sacred literature, and partaking in sanctified food (prasadam).
  • After breakfast, daily services are performed by teams of three to five people. Breakfast clean-up, bus cleaning, lunch prep, lunch clean-up, dinner prep, dinner clean-up. And on festival days, loading and unloading festival equipment, setting up the stage, book and prasadam tables.

Relaxation time

  • In between services and activities, there's often down time. Time to relax, take a nap, read a book, journal... have spontaneous bhajanas in the temple or for the bus Gaura-Nitai deities. And there are days every week set aside for rest and relaxation. Often we'll be out in nature, at a park, at a river, at the ocean, on a mountain.


  • We live on the buses—men on the men' bus, ladies on the ladies' bus—so the buses become our home away from home, one of few constants in a constantly changing world. There are bunk beds, common areas, showers, toilets, sinks, kitchen facilities on the buses. It's crowded, but somehow we manage. Usually we sleep on the buses at night while the drivers transport us to the next destination.

Qualifications to join this group?

  • You should be of good moral character, have a deep interest in learning more about Krishna consciousness—Bhakti-yoga—and be ready to live a yogi's lifestyle for the duration of your travel with us.

What would be the typical items to carry for such a travelling tour?

General Packing List

Space is tight on the converted school bus so pack light. Use a duffel bag . they bend and flex and fit into odd spaces.

Luggage Overview:

  1. One medium sized duffel bag (not overstuffed.) 
  2. One small backpack with essentials. 
  3. One warm sleeping bag with pillow. 
  4. One small toilet "suchi" kit. 
  5. One pair of sandals, flip-flops, or Tevas 
  6. One pair of closed shoes (cold-day shoes) 
  7. Your smile

Recommended Contents for Duffel Bag:

  1. Photocopies of all of your important documents (passport, visas, permanent resident card, airplane tickets, etc.)
  2. 5 sets of devotional clothes & casual wear

Recommended Contents for Carry-on Backpack:

  • Wallet or Purse with:

    • Passport (valid, of course), with valid visas for USA and Mexico (if needed)
    • Photo ID card
    • Photocopy of your birth certificate.
    • US Permanent resident card ("Greencard", if applicable).
    • Cash for snacks and emergencies
    • Debit card with VISA logo (best way to get money from ATMs)
    • Essential medicines (if needed... Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.)
  • Small Toilet "Suchi" Kit with:

    • Toothbrush and toothpaste (travel size)(NOTE: Store it in Ziploc plastic bag to prevent leaking all over your belongings.)
    • Small bottle of biodegradable soap (travel size)(NOTE: Store it in Ziploc plastic bag to prevent leaking all over your belongings.)
    • Small bottle of 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner (travel size)(NOTE: Store it in Ziploc plastic bag to prevent leaking all over your belongings.)
    • Razor with spare blades and shaving cream. (travel size)
    • DEODORANT, even if you think you don't need it.
    • Nail clipper

Recommended Sleeping Gear:

  • Sleeping bag (warm enough for cold nights)
  • Washable sleeping bag liner or bed sheet
  • Comfy pillow with pillow cover

Most Important Items Checklist

  1. Valid Passport (With visas, if needed, for Mexico, the USA)
  2. Valid Permanent Resident Card (Greencard, if applicable)
  3. Valid state / province Picture ID or driver's license
  4. Certified Copy Of Your Birth Certificate
  5. Valid Student ID
  6. Photocopies of all of the above, including photocopies of visas
  7. Notarized Registration Form for the bus tour. If you are under 18, both of your parents must sign this registration form before a notary public. If you're 18 and older, sign the form in front of a notary who witnesses your signature.
  8. If you are under 18 and decide to go snorkeling with us: Your parents must provide a letter signed by them giving you permission to go snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Mexico around the time of December 19, 2010, and that they understand the risks involved.

Contact Details

If you have questions, just ask.


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