Kitchen Operating Procedures-ISKCON Chowpatty

Steps for Improvement of kitchen standards and getting certified The steps involved can be subdivided in to three phases:- 

Phase –I (Commitment and Acquiring Knowledge)

steps involved are

  1. Commitment of Kitchen management to improve the standards
  2. Creating a Food safety team Visiting some standard kitchen
  3. Studying the ISO22000 MANUAL/HACCP MANUAL
  4. Getting some helpful materials like videos, ppt from authorized sources
  5. Analyzing the current status of kitchen Training the food safety team about some key concepts in the manual i.e hazards, pre requisite program,
  6. Hazard Analysis, Critical control point, Audit , Emergencies

Phase—II (Practical Implementation)

steps involved are

  1. Creating A Proper Management structure, allocating responsibilities
  2. Food safety team seating together and setting vision and objectives for kitchen
  3. Creating Gap analysis from current status of kitchen and standard status
  4. Allocating different food safety team members for bridging the gap of gap analysis report
  5. Creating ingredient specification
  6. Creating vendor specifications
  7. Creating Pre requisite programs
  8. Creating standard operating procedures for all departments
  9. Creating a checklist and monitoring, and record maintaining procedures
  10. Regular training the staffs for need and practical dos and don’ts
  11. Running these programs for 2-3 months and carefully examining the level of execution
  12. Sorting out the challenges in proper execution of pre requisite program
  13. Creating HACCP program
  14. Running HACCP program for 2 months
  15. Creating emergency preparedness program
  16. Running mock emergency drill


  1. Internal auditing the whole system
  2. Fulfilling the gap of internal audit comments
  3. Creating Management review meeting reports
  4. Applying for Certification from agencies like BSi or others First external audit Fulfilling the comments of external audit Second external audit

After successful completion of second audit one will get the certification


The above tables are compiled in one Word document and is provided as a dowloadable file:
Standard Operating Procedures for Kitchen.doc

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