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Govardhan Eco Village (GEV) is an initiative of ISKCON Chowpatty, (International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Founder Acharya: His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada), under the inspiration and guidance of Radhanath Swami, who is the spiritual mentor at ISKCON Chowpatty. It is a farm community spread over a scenic landscape of 63 acres at Galtare, Wada situated 110 km North of Mumbai. Since its inception in the year 2003, GEV has made steady progress in cow protection, organic farming, sustainable living, rural development, alternative energy, natural building, cottage industries etc. In the scenario where environment crisis is on the rise, Govardhan Eco Village is an example of living in harmony with nature. 

The purpose behind Govardhan Eco Village is two fold – one is to present a sustainable community model and second is to educate people in the field of traditional sciences including Yoga and spirituality.

Any special features

Houses have eco friendly features like rammed earth walls and some of the residential quarters are made with fly ash bricks.

 Residential quarters

Married Congregation devotees have individual homes of about 200sqft (with a single room) and attached bathroom (about sq 40sqft). In some houses the toilet is shared. Bachelor accommodation is on a sharing basis. Students have separate staying premises with individual lockers and a common bath-toilet facility. The Ashram residents also have a separate staying facility with individual lockers and a common bath-toilet facility.

Economics/ Occupation


about 26 families staying in the farm and another 30 bachelor males making the total strength 96. They are serving in various departments like goshala, agriculture, farming and maintenance.


46 students from classes 5 to 10


55, voluntary services in various departments

Cultural Aspects

  1. Regular vaishnava festivals for the community
  2. Large scale festivals with pandals, stalls, dramas etc., for Janmashtami and Govardhan Puja. About 3000 villagers from neighboring villagers attend these festivals
  3. The in-house school students given training in vaishnava bhajans and musical instruments. The students have a good drama troupe that gives many drama performances both in the farm and for general audience
  4. Regular harinam sankirtans and satsangh in over 15 nearby villages
  5. Annual Hare Krishna festivals in another 15 villages


For more information regarding Organic farming refer the GEV manual in the following link:
Govardhan Eco Village At a glance.docx

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