ISKCON Tirupati - TTD


Over the years ISKCON Tirupati has successfully developed good relations with the famous Tirupati temple. HG Revatiraman prabhu shares what he did to develop such good PR.

The following are some point regarding developing good PR with TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devastahanam)


  1. We regularly invite TTD officers to our major festivals & take good care of them.
  2. We enlighten them on the importance and greatness of Srila Prabhupada`s movement and his contribution to the society at large.
  3. We invite the E.O (executive officers), J.E.O, Chairman and other leaders to grace our program's, as chief guests.  We regularly meet TTD officials, give prasadam & invite them to temple programmes, go puja etc.


  • We invite them (leaders) to our meetings so that they can have an opportunity to associate with sanyasis & senior vaisnavas of our movement.


  1. We are helping TTD schools by providing mid day meals to the children.
  2. We have taken charge of two TTD laddu counters and distribute the laddus to piligrims, on behalf of TTD.
  3. We help the pilgrims who walk up the hill by provinding them prasadam and water on no profit and no loss basis.


  • We provide special 'Q' lines for TTD during janmashtami and other festival.


  1. TTD helps us in setting up book stalls in their local temples which attracts thousands of pilgrims.
  2. Help us in VIP pass for Balaji darsan and special seva tickets for our sanyasis.
  3. Ultimately they help us in serving SRILA PRABHUPADA'S MISSION i.e. BOOK DISTRIBUTION

Contact Details

For more details about how to establish and maintain PR with TTD authorities please contact:
Revati Raman Dasa